Archived Sermon Listing

Date in YYMMDD Sermon TitleSpeaker
20170702 Our Independence Day Pastor MacDonald
20170625 It's Time To Seek The Lord Pastor MacDonald
20170618 A Heavenly FatherBro. Nathan Greely
20170618 A Godly Father Pastor MacDonald
20170611 Awake Special Speaker
20170611 Just To Walk With Him Pastor MacDonald
20170604 Four Dimensions Of His Love Bro. Nathan Greely
20170604 You Shall Receive The Gift Pastor MacDonald
20170528 Memorial Day Pastor MacDonald
20170521 The Essentials Of Running After Salvation Special Speaker
20170521 Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures Pastor MacDonald
20170514 Let Go Special Speaker
20170514 The Influence Of A Godly Mother Pastor MacDonald
20170507 Love Of The Truth Special Speaker
20170430 Guardrails In Our Life Pastor MacDonald
20170430 The Power Of The Name Pastor MacDonald
20170423 Fret Not And Trust In God Special Speaker
20170423 The Truth Shall Set You Free Pastor
20170419 What Is So Special About Easter - Part 2 Pastor MacDonald
20170416 Access Granted Bro. Nathan Greely
20170416 The Napkin Is Folded Pastor MacDonald
20170412 What Is So Special About Easter - Part 1 Pastor MacDonald
20170409 Your Best Friend Pastor MacDonald
20170402 Calvary Pastor MacDonald
20170329 Unity Pastor MacDonald
20170326 Closer To God Bro. Nathan Greely
20170326 The Keeper Of The Keys Pastor MacDonald
20170322 Laodecia Pastor MacDonald
20170319 Faith Special Speaker
20170319 Finding God Pastor MacDonald
20170312 Are You Ready? Special Speaker
20170312 Hold Fast To The Word Pastor MacDonald
20170308 Sardis Pastor
20170305 Help Is On The WaySpecial Speaker
20170305 The Gospel Of The KingdomSpecial Speaker
20170304 You Are Not In This AloneSpecial Speaker
20170301 ThyatiraPastor MacDonald
20170226 Growing A Healthy HomePastor MacDonald
20170226 NeverthelessPastor MacDonald
20170219 We Shall Reap If We Faint NotPastor MacDonald
20170219 Look Unto JesusPastor MacDonald
20170212 This Grace Brings PowerBro. Nathan Greely
20170205 Our God Is GreaterPastor MacDonald
20170205 God Of NowPastor MacDonald
20170201 OvercomersPastor MacDonald
20170129 The God Of The ValleyBro. A. Dibble
20170129 Be Ye TransformedPastor MacDonald
20170122 StandPastor MacDonald
20170122 TreasurePastor MacDonald
20170118 To The Seven ChurchesPastor MacDonald
20170115 Process Of A Completed WorkBro. Nathan Greely
20170115 Our Amazing GodPastor MacDonald
20170111 Trust & ObeySis. Joy MacDonald
20170108 Justice, Mercy & FaithBro. Craig Thompson
20170108 As In The Days of NoahPastor MacDonald
20170104 Standing In The Gap Prayer - Part 2Pastor MacDonald
20170101 This One ThingPastor MacDonald
20161231 Watch Night 2016Pastor MacDonald
20161228 Standing In The Gap PrayerPastor MacDonald
20161225 Merry Christmas 2016Pastor MacDonald
20161221 Framing Our World View - Part 3Pastor MacDonald
20161218 The Joy Of ChristmasRev. Thomas Greely
20161218 The Light Of ChristmasPastor MacDonald
20161214 Framing Our World View - Part 2Pastor MacDonald
20161211 Power In The BloodPastor MacDonald
20161211 When Gods Power Meets Your PotentialPastor MacDonald
20161207 Framing Our World View - Part 1Pastor MacDonald
20161204 SurrenderBro. Nathan Greely
20161127 God Is At Work In YouPastor MacDonald
20161127 Building On A FoundationPastor MacDonald
20161122 ThanksgivingPastor MacDonald
20161120 Learning To ForgivePastor MacDonald
20161120 Grow Up In Him - Part 3Pastor MacDonald
20161116 The Battle WithoutPastor MacDonald
20161113 Where Is Your TreasurePastor MacDonald
20161113 Grow Up In Him - Part 2Pastor MacDonald
20161109 The Battle Of The Mind And HeartPastor MacDonald
20161106 The Holy OnePastor MacDonald
20161106 Grow Up In HimPastor MacDonald
20161102 Spiritual Warfare WithinPastor MacDonald
20161030 All Nations SundayPastor MacDonald
20161023 The GapBro. McLaughlin
20161023 Finding MoriahSpecial Speaker
20161019 Happily Ever AfterSis. Joan Colman
20161016 The BaptizerBro. McLaughlin
20161016 Let Go And Let GodBro. Dan Dibble
20161009 The Light Of The WorldPastor MacDonald
20160904 We Are OvercomersPastor MacDonald
20160904 Don't Settle For LessPastor MacDonald
20160828 God Wants To Know His PeopleSpecial Speaker
20160828 Power Of Praising The LordPastor MacDonald
20160821 MoreBro. Nathan Greely
20160821 Two Sides Of OpportunityBro. Dibble
20160817 My PortionSis. Joy MacDonald
20160814 Dining With JesusBro. John Redout
20160814 God Provides | God Protects | God PromotesBro. Ray MacDonald
20160807 The Battle LineBro. McLaughlin
20160807 Grow In FaithPastor MacDonald
20160803 Real Unity & JoyPastor MacDonald
20160731 All People Matter To GodPastor MacDonald
20160731 Adding ValuePastor MacDonald
20160724 Don't Put A Period Where There Should Be A CommaPastor MacDonald
20160717 If You Believe You Shall ReceivePastor MacDonald
20160710 Jesus Wanst You to Play OffenseSpecial Speaker
20160710 With My Whole Heart - Part 5Pastor MacDonald
20160706 The Merciful MediatorPastor MacDonald
20160703 With My Whole Heart - Part 4Pastor MacDonald
20160626 Where Is My FocusBro. Nathan Greely
20160626 Fear Is A LieSpecial Speaker
20160619 Heritage Christian School Graduation 2016Pastor MacDonald
20160619 With My Whole Heart - Part 3Pastor MacDonald
20160615 A True Servant's AttitudePastor MacDonald
20160612 A Story Of The BrokenSpecial Speaker
20160612 With My Whole Heart - Part 2Pastor MacDonald
20151025 The Purpose Of A PathPastor MacDonald
20151021 Bear Fruit - TithingPastor MacDonald
20151018 Overcoming DissapointmentBro. James Burris
20151018 Its Time For A ShakingBro. James Burris
20151017 Altar Working 101Bro. James Burris
20151016 Water and SpiritBro. James Burris
20151014 Intercessory PrayerBro. James Burris
20151011 My Faith Is Greater Than My SeasonBro. Gibbs
20151011 What In the WORD Is Going On - Part 4Pastor MacDonald
20151007 StewardshipPastor MacDonald
20151004 Signs Of The TimesPastor MacDonald
20150930 You and Your PastorPastor MacDonald
20150927 What In the WORD Is Going On - Part 3Pastor MacDonald
20150920 The Stumbling Block and The CornerstoneRev. J. Wood
20150920 What In the WORD Is Going On - Part 2Pastor MacDonald
20150916 Effective WitnessingPastor MacDonald
20150913 Principle Of The PathPastor MacDonald
20150913 What In The WORD Is Going OnPastor MacDonald
20150909 What Must I Do To Be SavedPastor MacDonald
20150906 Remember This Name John ParkerBro. Steven Leite
20150906 Beyond The BarrierBro. Steven Leite
20150905 Back To School Rally
20150902 Welcome to the ChurchPastor MacDonald
20150830 God Is For YouPastor MacDonald
20150823 The Power Of The CrossPastor MacDonald
20150823 Will He Find FaithPastor MacDonald
20150819 How to Build a Bridge of FriendshipPastor MacDonald
20150816 ChosenRev. J. Wood
20150816 The Fruit of the Spirit - FaithfulnessPastor MacDonald
20150809 Packing For A JourneyPastor MacDonald
20150809 The Fruit of the Spirit - Self ControlPastor MacDonald
20150805 Being Salt and Light in your WorldPastor MacDonald
20150802 Called or ChosenPastor MacDonald
20150802 The God of the ImpossibleBro. Dan Dibble
20150729 Corporate PrayerSis. Marcia Ramirez
20150726 The Substance Of A Miracle In The Hands Of ObedienceBro. Terry Null
20150726 Thread of MercyBro. Terry Null
20150722 He Can, He Cares, He Will ComeBro. Terry Null
20150719 FaithfulnessRev. J. Wood
20150719 The Fruit of the Spirit - GentlenessPastor MacDonald
20150715 Drawing Near To GodPastor MacDonald
20150712 Fear of GodRev. N. Greely
20150712 Fruit of the Spirit - KindnessPastor MacDonald
20150708 Time for the Lord's FavorSis. Vicki Oliver
20150707 Altar Workers In ActionSis. Vicki Oliver
20150705 Liberty Independence DayPastor MacDonald
20150705 The Fruit of the Spirit - PatiencePastor MacDonald
20150701 The Church Responds To Gay MarriagePastor MacDonald
20150628 Joy and PeacePastor MacDonald
20150628 AmazingRev. J. Pulaski
20150621 The Good FatherRev. J. Wood
20150621 The Fruit of the Spirit - LovePastor MacDonald
20150617 Take Root - Every Man A MinistryPastor MacDonald
20150614 Heritage Christian School HS Graduation 2015
20150614 The Fruit Of The SpiritPastor MacDonald
20150610 Take Root - Your Relationship With The ChurchPastor MacDonald
20150607 Simple Faith, Simple ActionRev. Greely
20150607 Trust In HimPastor MacDonald
20150603 Take Root - Your Christian PurposePastor MacDonald
20150531 Fight A Little HarderRev. Felix Crowder
20150531 No Gift Like This JesusRev. Felix Crowder
20150524 Care, Help & TrustPastor MacDonald
20150520 Take Root - The Ministry Of PraisePastor MacDonald
20150517 It's Not For SaleBro. Butch Hanning
20150517 We Will Make It ThroughBro. Rodriguez
20150510 Blessed Are You Among WomenRev. J. Wood
20150510 Mother's DayPastor MacDonald
20150506 Take Root-The Nature Of GodPastor MacDonald
20150503 Trust in the LordPastor MacDonald
20150503 The Pursuit of GodPastor MacDonald
20150426 NeverthelessPastor MacDonald
20150422 Take Root-The Holy GhostPastor MacDonald
20150419 What Is In Your HouseRev. J. Wood
20150419 Eagerly Wait for HimPastor MacDonald
20150415 Baptism In Jesus NamePastor MacDonald
20150412 Producing Good FruitRev. Greely
20150412 Peace Of God Cover MePastor MacDonald
20150408 Take Root-How We Come To GodPastor MacDonald
20150405 The Value of a SoulPastor MacDonald
20150405 Because I Live You Shall Live AlsoPastor MacDonald
20150329 Faith Like a Mustard SeedPastor MacDonald
20150322 The Battle For the FamilyPastor MacDonald
20150322 End Times - Part 2Pastor MacDonald
20150318 Daily OpportunitiesBro. Landaw
20150315 Watch and PrayPastor MacDonald
20150315 God Wants Your AttentionBro. Brent Randall - Sunday School Conference
20150314 Story TellingBro. Brent Randall - Sunday School Conference
20150314 Discipline In The ClassroomBro. Brent Randall - Sunday School Conference
20150314 Take Root-Salvation And BeyondBro. Brent Randall - Sunday School Conference
20150314 The Importance Of Childrens MinistriesBro. Brent Randall - Sunday School Conference
20150313 Just Another Kid's ServiceBro. Brent Randall - Sunday School Conference
20150311 Gods Plan For Developing LeadersPastor MacDonald
20150308 The God of Another ChanceRev. Thomas Greely
20150301 End Times - Part 1Pastor MacDonald
20150224 Just One ThingBro. Grant
20150222 The Master Of The BreakthroughPastor MacDonald
20150215 The Beauty of BrokenessBro. Chris Knight
20150215 A Child of GodPastor MacDonald
20150211 The Kingdom of GodPastor MacDonald
20150208 One At A TimeRev. Abernathy
20150208 Discovering Jesus For YourselfPastor MacDonald
20150204 The Necessity of Personal GrowthPastor MacDonald
20150201 The Glory of The LordPastor MacDonald
20150125 Who Took The Tree DownRev. J. Wood
20150125 Its Always Time To Seek The LordPastor MacDonald
20150121 Prayer Can Change Your LifePastor MacDonald
20150118 Power And Purpose Of AnointingRev. Malik
20150114 New Years ResolutionsPastor MacDonald
20150111 The Tale Of The Coats - Part 2Pastor MacDonald
20150107 Spiritual Warfare FastingPastor MacDonald
20150104 ConsecrationRev. N. Greely
20150104 The Tale Of The CoatsPastor MacDonald

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